Yogurt Goodness

My baby LOVES yogurt! There is hardly anything else that lights up his face as much (except the yellow cheerios box and the sight of his mother, of course!). I started giving him whole milk plain yogurt when he was 8 months old. I mash up 1/4- 1/2 of a banana and mix with 3 heaping tablespoons of yogurt. He goes nuts when he sees me take the container out of the fridge!

I buy Stoneyfield Farms organic whole milk plain yogurt in the big container. It's a lot more economical than buying the little containers that come in a 6-pack, but not nearly as convenient. I'm glad Stoneyfield Farms started making plain yogurt in the 6-packs, because until a couple of months ago they only offered flavored YoBaby! yogurts, which contain sugar as well as fruit.

He is 11 months old this week and still eats a bowl of yogurt just about everyday. I like that it contains good bacteria that helps strengthen his immune system. I will probably try out the YoBaby! flavors soon so we can have a more portable option.


Pixie said...

Preston loves his yogurt too! Shopping has become more of an adventure now that he recognizes things as they go in the cart.

Kudos on starting him on the plain. I never developed a taste for plain yogurt although I know it is so much better. I notice that I don't feed Preston things I don't care. Oops :)

I was just thinking this morning about trying to make yogurt smoothies for him & me to have for breakfast. Bonnie Lewiston does it all the time....uses frozen fruit, yogurt & frozen juice concentrate. I was thinking of adding wheat germ/bran and then topping with granola or cheerios.

karin said...

I think smoothies are a great idea! It's a great way to get the yogurt and fruit in, and they taste so good. I'm not sure if Eric will suck it through a straw or be able to drink it from a cup yet, but I think I might try it soon. Thanks for the idea!


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