Figuring Out Finger Foods...

We are about to hit the one year birthday mark, and with only two teeth completely in and the top two about 1/4 of the way in it's getting challenging to figure out what finger foods to serve. I am amazed at how well he could do with only the bottom two teeth, chewing up cheerios, peas, string cheese bits and so on. I think their jaws do most of the work.

I've been working with him to transition to more types of food like we eat...grown-up food. Within a few weeks we will be transitioning him from formula to whole milk. I want to make sure he gets the nutrients he needs once he has made the switch, so offering a wider variety of food seems to be the best plan. What's hard about this is that we don't eat at the same time he does and those darn teeth. I feel limited as to what I can feed him with only two working teeth and two coming in.

Any ideas?

Here are some of his favorite finger foods:

Whole Peas

Cut up carrots

Pieces of cheese (string and american)


Sweet Potatoes





Another thing...

Up until now he has pretty much eaten single or double ingredient foods. Pureed carrots, appesauce and cereal, whole peas, rice and beans, green beans and rice, etc... I have started with some multi-ingredient foods like toddler cereal bars, but want to expand in this area as well.

Any ideas?


Pixie said...

I think that finger foods are so much easier!!

For dinner I just give Preston whatever we are eating and make sure it is in small pieces. He likes this so much that if he doesn't have what is on our plates he will point & make his "I want" grunt. I avoid peanuts & shell-fish & eggs per our pediatrician's instructions.

For his day-care lunches, I buy the frozen turkey meatballs, breaded chicken, and fish sticks at Trader Joe's and frozen veggies already diced. (At least these are better quality!!) Sometimes he has a grilled cheese sandwich or Coleman's hot dogs (100% natural with no casings). I made pancakes this weekend and froze some for breakfast. I have plans to make macaroni & cheese, and a tofu breakfast scamble and start making some of the thing I buy from Trader Joes....bit by bit & I'll get there :)

the ruffhouse said...

This sounds crazy, but when Owen was limited with teeth, I made chicken pot pie - he loved it! Of course, I left out the salt and pepper, but we found it just as tasty without it. It's a grown up meal, but still mushy enough for toddlers. I can email you a recipe if you need one. Just let me know.


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