Fabric Box

Well, here's a little something I made this morning that I am super excited about. My mind is swirling with every little thing in my house that needs to be contained by these super cute fabric boxes. There are little trains and matchbox cars that need a new home on the toy shelf, a very unorganized and quite unsightly desk where I am currently sitting, all of my sewing supplies that are stuffed into a box way too small to stay organized, etc.
I found this little goody on the Sometimes Crafter blog. She has very clear and easy directions for the tutorial, and this box literally took a large scrap of two kinds of fabric, plus some stablizer inbetween to make. I need to work on one of the sides with the iron to get it to hold it's boxy shape a little better, but naptime is over and I am working on stolen moments even getting this post up. You know how it goes. She also sells a PDF pattern that shows how to customize the pattern for whatever size box you want. After making this little one I am definately going to buy the downloadable pattern so I can make more in all different sizes.
Just a little side note. You might notice two things about the picture. 1. Little E was pushing his trains around the table at just the right moment to look up and smile for the camera, a new talent of his which I hope is going to make taking pictures of him a lot easier, since most have him sucking his thumb. 2. My new little fabric box is sitting on top of 1/2 of my Mother's Day present...a quilting board with this awesome acrylic grid ruler and rotary cutter. This has made measuring and cutting a breeze. What in the world I did without it, I do not know. The other half of my gift is on it's way and I can't wait to pick it up from the mail service!


Christina said...

I'm so glad you let me know so I could come take a peek. Arn't they just the best? I love using mine for my scraps and I have another smaller sided one for my cuttings as i'm squaring up and the such. Then I have a really tiny one to put my thread clippings in as I sew. I am constnatly thinking to myself - I need to make more of these! I'm thinking one would be graet for holding my white thread in!

sewtakeahike said...

this is so cute! I love the fabric you used. I made a box similar to this about a year ago and used some double sided adhesive timtex and it turned out fabulous! The thicker timtex was a little hard to sew with at the corners but was worth the effort for sure!


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